Lead the Way - dog walking service in Wallasey, Wirral.

Lead The Way - Wallasey

 Walking your dog safely throughout the day  

Lead The Way, is a Wallasey based, professional dog walking service, happy to cater for all your dog’s needs.

We know how much you love your dogs and how important they are to you. We treat dogs as individuals, with different personalities and requirements. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you allow us to care for them, we will treat them as if they were our own.

Dog walking service in Wallasey, Wirral, CRB/DBS checked.
Lead The Way has full Public Liability Insurance

Group or solo walks are offered, to ensure your dog is getting the exercise it needs.

Home visits are also available for puppies, older dogs and cats, where we can socialise, clean up and feed them.

If required we can keep you updated, of your dog's walk, via various methods:

Call us to arrange a home visit, where we would be happy to have an informal chat and discuss your pet’s needs.


Group Walks

£10.00 per hour
(£6.50 - 30 mins)

(No more than 4 dogs at a time)

Solo Walks

£15.00 per hour
(£10.00 - 30 mins)

One man and your dog!

Home Visits

£8 per 30 minutes
£5.50 per 20 minutes
visits / pet sitting for:
puppies, dogs and cats

Discounts available for regular customers

About Me

Adam and Fudge the dog

Hi I’m Adam, the owner of Lead The Way. I live in Wallasey, where I regularly walk my own dog Fudge. He’s a standard poodle and he gets a lot of attention off people when we are out and about and he is a real character, I’m sure he understands everything I say!

I studied and successfully passed an animal care course at ReaseHeath College, in Nantwich, and was student of the year in 2016 and this has prompted me to create Lead The Way.

I know it can be stressful if you work full time, or are unable to get out and give your dog the exercise he/she needs, during the day. That’s where I can help.

During a free home visit, I can meet you and your dog and will happily create a schedule to fit their every need. Be it half hourly or one hour walks, home visits or pet sitting, all requirements can be met. Once your dog is used to me, we can begin to have fun and healthy walks together, exploring the Wirral area.

I provide solo or group walks and would only let your dog off its lead, when I am comfortable it would return on command, but more importantly only when I have your permission.
Once we get back to your home, I wipe you dogs paws and [if you are happy] ensure they have fresh drinking water in their bowl.

I also provide a home visiting service for puppies, dogs and cats. These normally last for around 20 minutes [times tailored to suit]. During this time I ensure you pet has food and fresh drinking water and spend time socialising and making a fuss of them. It’s nice to get used to seeing a friendly face when you’ve been on your own for a while.



Bella was a rescue dog when we first got her and needed lots of exercise and attention and she was quite timid, around people she didn’t know. We were surprised at how well she bonded with Adam, after such a short period of time. Now she jumps all over him as soon as he arrives. I would definitely recommend Adam if you are looking for someone to walk you dog.

Brian & June, New Brighton

Bella the dog from New Brighton


Bonnie is a real handful, as most puppies are, but she responds well to Adam. When we have got to go out for the day, Adam will visit and check on Bonnie and then take her for a walk. He has a lovely personality and is kind and we knew immediately we had made the right choice in contacting him.

Gary & Laura Shaw, Wallasey

Bonnie the dog from Wallasey


Adam is very good to me and takes me on lots of long walks to the beach and park. He is very patient and doesn’t mind waiting whilst other dog walkers make a fuss of me! I have a lot of new friends now who come on our walks......it’s great fun?

Fudge Foulkes, Wallasey [Adam's dog]

fudge the dog


Henry needs a lot of exercise and I find it hard sometimes, as I am a single parent and work full time. Adam is great with him and walks him for me several times a week. This really takes the pressure off me and I don’t feel as guilty if I miss one of his evening walks.

Jason Bullen, Moreton

Henry the dog from Moreton

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